When need arises, solutions follow. Your contributions have made it possible.

The InHealth Community Wellness Clinic creates and sustains programs that assist our neighbors in need through the generosity of donations from private citizens, churches and organizations and Community Grants. Donations will go to help thousands of children receive oral health education, gives needy children access to dental care through the Free Clinic and provides hygienist services in Grant and Crawford County schools.

InHealth Community Wellness Clinic is a small clinic with a big heart. When need arises, solutions follow:

• When there was no access to affordable health care we started a Free Primary Health Care Clinic.

• When there was no access to affordable dental care for children the Teeth-for-Life School Oral Health Program was started. We now have two hygienists working with the Grant and Crawford County Health Depts. The Teeth-for-Life Program is a part of the InHealth CWC which serves chieducation, cleaning, fluoride, sealants and referrals for dental care through the Free Clinic.

• When a child was assaulted and did not know where to go for help, the Safe House Project was started through the Free Clinic. There are presently 11 safe Houses and Businesses in two communities. This program continues to grow.

• When the Boscobel Area needed a Community Food Pantry, InHealth CWC along with the area churches pulled together to create the Boscobel Area Food Pantry and joined SW CAP making it possible to serve Boscobel School District residents who live in Crawford County.

• When it was discovered that Free Clinics had no access to an Audiologist for their patients with hearing impairments the IHear Program was started through the Associated Balance and Hearing Clinic in Boscobel giving people access to hearing instruments with a small co-pay.

• Nutrition is encouraged through the Boscobel Community Garden’s Project. InHealth CWC sponsors this project, assists in caring for garden spots and contributes produce to the Boscobel Area Food

• In 2009 InHealth CWC became a member of the National Free Clinic Association making it possible to offer $6.00 co-pays for medications in the Free Clinic pharmacy.

• Secondary Specialists are available through BSP Free Clinic in Middleton through referrals from our
Free Clinic Providers.

A Social worker is available upon request to our Clinic Coordinator

Donations are greatly appreciated!

To donate by mail, send checks made out to:

InHealth Community Wellness (Free) Clinic
109 East Bluff St.
Boscobel, WI 53805

Clinic: (608) 375-4324
Fax: (608) 375-4454